To Enter

To Enter


Although entries must be received no later than January 13, 2023, applicants are encouraged to submit their books into competition early during the submission period, and as soon as possible after their books are officially published. Winners will be announced the first week in March 2023

Books may be submitted into the competition by authors, publishers, literary agents, or any member of the public. Individuals may submit a book into more than one category, but they are required to submit an entry form, an entry fee, and the requisite number of review copies for each category entered. Decisions about the category (e.g., children's or young adult) or categories in which a book is submitted are made by the person submitting the nomination based on category descriptions. Jury members and Florida Book Awards staff do not make recommendations regarding which category best fits a book.

A completed entry form (deadline for submission has passed), the required entry fee per title, and the submission of four copies of each book entered into competition, are required. Entrants are responsible for all shipping charges. Entry fees are half-price for any submissions after five titles submitted by publishers. Entry fees are made necessary to offset the cost of the Florida Book Awards program, which receives no outside funding.

To be considered for a book award you need to complete the following tasks:

(1.) Fill out and submit a completed entry form.

(2.) Provide an entry fee of $60.00 per title for submissions entered by December 1, 2021. A late submission fee of $70 per title is required for books entered after December 1, 2021 (make checks payable to: Florida Book Awards) Note that entry fees are half-price for any submissions after five titles submitted by publishers.

(3.) Four Copies of each title:

  • One copy of the book and a fee payment (check for $60) for each entry should be sent to:

    116 Honors Way, Ste. 314
    Tallahassee FL 32306

Books sent by UPS should be sent to:

715 W. Madison St.
Tallahassee FL 32304-4323

  • The remaining three copies of each entry should be sent to each of the jury members of each category. Jury members must receive their copies by no later than January 13th, 2022. None of the four copies will be returned to the author or publisher. (Please clearly mark the packages you send to jurors "FLORIDA BOOK AWARD ENTRY". Authors and publishers are encouraged to mail their books "return receipt requested" to jurors and Florida State University, though it’s recommended that a signature not be required.
  • *Note: Not all categories have 3 jurors. Therefore, depending on the category entered, only three copies may need to be sent out.

(4.) Materials must be received in the FBA office and by jurors by January 13, 2023.

(5.) Except for the Florida Nonfiction, Visual Arts, Cooking Book Awards (which must be about Florida), all work submitted must be written by a current full-time Florida resident. Where questions pertaining to eligibility arise, the Florida Book Awards staff will make final determinations.

(6.) Books submitted into competition must be professionally published between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022, and be assigned an ISBN. 

(7.) Books may be submitted by anyone (e.g., publisher, author, or literary agent) who pays the entry fee, fills out an entry form, and provides the number of copies requested.

(8.) New editions of previously published work are not eligible unless at least one-half the content has changed from the previous edition.

(9.) Translations are not eligible for consideration. Translations of FBA medal winners in the Spanish Language Category will not be eligible.

(10.) Although a book may be submitted into more than one category of competition if eligible (e.g., General Fiction and Popular Fiction; Young Children's Literature and Poetry), a separate fee and the requisite number of review copies will be required for each category submission.

(11.) Except for the categories Young Children's Literature, Visual Arts, and relevant Young Adult Literature, all books submitted into competition will be judged solely for their writing and not for their design or illustration.

(12.) Coauthored books are eligible if all authors are full-time Florida residents (Florida Nonfiction and Visual Arts authors excepted).

(13.) Books by members of the Florida Book Awards staff or the members of any jury are precluded from consideration.

(14.) Medal winners must be willing to donate one lecture, presentation, or reading at the request of any one of The Florida Book Award's partners (Partners will pay travel costs) within eighteen months of receiving the medal.

(15.) E-books are eligible for competition, but applicants must submit four paper copies of the book (one to Florida Book Awards Competition, the remaining three to jurors).

(16.) For books copyrighted in 2021 but not physically published before the January 13, 2022 deadline, authors may submit paper copy page proofs. Once the book has been officially published, however, authors must submit four copies of the book (one to Florida Book Awards Competition, the remaining three to jurors).

(17.) By submitting to the Florida Book Awards. authors or publishers agree to incur the travel costs when attending the awards banquet and to send two signed copies of their winning books to be included in public displays, one in Florida State University's Strozier Library and one in the Florida Governor's mansion.